Good patent applications kansikuva

Paperback: 106 pages

Publisher: Boco IP; 1 edition (2021)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-9529444045


I have also written a few theoretical essays on the general criteria by which patent applications should be judged, especially within the framework of the European Patent Convention. I also wrote blogs on patent-related matters on my employer’s website. Links to those blogs are provided below, along with links to patent applications that I have written.

Theoretical essays:

Problems behind sufficient disclosure (2016)

Problems behind inventive step (2016)

A first introduction to patent criteria (2016)

Blog posts:

Patentman versus Captain Freedom-To-Operate!!! (2020)

Mr. Gold’s Guide to keeping inventions secret (2019)

The computer skilled in the art (2019)

Artificial inventors (2018)

I claim this land and all its riches (2018)

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