I have written a few theoretical essays on the general criteria by which patent applications should be judged, especially within the framework of the European Patent Convention. I am currently working on a book on how to write a patent application, but it is proceeding slowly due to other commitments, and it would be optimistic to expect publication before the year 2021. I also blog regularly on patent-related matters on my employer’s website. Links to those posts are provided below, along with links to patent applications that I have written.

Theoretical essays:

Problems behind sufficient disclosure (2016)

Problems behind inventive step (2016)

A first introduction to patent criteria (2016)

Blog posts:

Mr. Gold’s Guide to keeping inventions secret (2019)

The computer skilled in the art (2019)

Artificial inventors (2018)

I claim this land and all its riches (2018)

Patent applications (with publication date):

  1. EP3252429 Gyroscope drive amplitude control (6.12.2017)
  2. EP3287830 MEMS reflector actuation (28.2.2018)
  3. WO2018036832 Blood glucose sampling method (1.3.2018 )
  4. US20180082017 Functional brain imaging (22.3.2018)
  5. EP3305180 Heartbeat monitoring (11.4.2018)
  6. FI20165877 Measurement probe (22.5.2018)
  7. FI20175029 Measurement probe (22.5.2018)
  8. US20180321038 Accelerometer (8.11.2018)
  9. US20180321275 Accelerometer (8.11.2018)
  10. EP3407014 Piezoelectric resonator (28.11.2018)
  11. EP3407491 Piezoelectric resonator (28.11.2018)
  12. EP3407015 Piezoelectric gyroscope (28.11.2018)
  13. EP3407016 Piezoelectric gyroscope (28.11.2018)
  14. WO2018215691 Flow rate measurement (29.11.2018)
  15. EP3409639 MEMS recess etching (5.12.2018)
  16. WO2019015951 CMOS photodetector (24.1.2019)
  17. WO2019081492 Photosensitive transistor with two-dimensional material (2.5.2019)
  18. US20190140130 Photosensitive transistor with two-dimensional material (16.5.2019)
  19. US20190146211 MEMS reflector with center support (16.5.2019)
  20. WO2019115876 Photosensitive field-effect transistor (20.6.2019)
  21. US20190221686 Voltage-mode photosensitive device (18.7.2019)